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We do not issue refunds.

You are purchasing a membership for a week or a month of either Standard Service or VIP Service.

Service is provided to you via membership website.

Your email is your username and your password is whatever you set it to be.

Service may also be provided to you via text however if for some reason the text is not delivered, then you would need to access the member’s page on the website.

$6 Trial details:

This is a 3-day trial of a weekly recurring subscription.

Pay $6 (non-refundable) at sign up for three days.

Cancel at anytime – no hassles, no questions – and you will not be billed again.

If you are happy with the service by the end of your trial, do nothing and stay on for $20 per week.

Cancel anytime to stop billing right away.

You will still be able to enjoy whatever time is left on your subscription.

Canceling your subscription does NOT entitle you to a refund.

In addition, we also offer non-recurring memberships for either the Standard Service or the VIP Service.

For non-recurring memberships you will never be charged a second time unless you manually renew your membership.

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Consent for Texting: By requesting to be added to the text list you give your express consent to receive our text messages, including informational, transactional and marketing. You may opt out at any time by texting STOP.